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Essential Email Marketing

Essential Email Marketing

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How many email marketing sequence?
How many email marketing campaigns?

This is your gateway to establishing powerful connections and driving conversion in the digital realm. Elevate your eCommerce journey with a meticulously designed set of email strategies that engage, nurture, and delight your audience.

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What's included?

Email Pop-Up Integration

Capture visitors' attention the moment they land on your site. Our expertly crafted email pop-ups are tailored to intrigue, offering irresistible incentives that encourage sign-ups and expand your subscriber base.

Abandoned Cart Email Sequence

Recover lost opportunities with finesse. Our abandoned cart email sequence employs a strategic dance of five personalized emails that remind, reassure, and ultimately rekindle interest, transforming abandoned carts into fulfilled purchases.

Welcome Series Email Sequence

Set the stage for lasting relationships. Our immersive welcome series of five emails introduces your brand, values, and offerings, establishing a warm rapport that guides new subscribers toward their first confident purchase.

Review Email Campaign

Harness the power of customer feedback. Our strategically designed review email encourages satisfied buyers to share their experiences, building a treasure trove of testimonials that bolster your brand's credibility and allure.

The Process


First, we will get to know each other and discuss your business goals and specific wants. 

Proposal & Scheduling 

After our call, you will receive a proposal with a detailed list of what's included and a suggested start and end day. If you are happy to proceed, you will receive a contract and deposit invoice so we can book your spot. 

Project Preparation & Homework 

You will receive a secure Google Drive space with the instructions and information we need to start the project. In this space, you can upload all the materials, such as texts and images, that our team can use to develop your email marketing campaigns.

Project Kick-off

We will contact you on the project start day to inform you if we have everything ready to go. Then we will get to schedule another call for the first draft discussion. 

Experience the transformative potential of email marketing that's finely tuned to your eCommerce aspirations. Our suite of services doesn't just deliver messages; it crafts narratives, fosters loyalty, and converts subscribers into steadfast patrons. Embrace the art of email engagement and unveil a new era of eCommerce success.